A lot of people are talking about the rapidly changing car industry, self-driving cars, innovative car-sharing concepts and, most importantly, electric vehicles (EVs). A new era of mobility has begun - so they say. But has it really?

In reality, the total number of EVs sold is still staggeringly low compared to convential ICE cars - despite of various incentives to buy electric. That is because most car manufacturers have been struggling to provide electric cars that are both attractive and affordable for the masses.

Electric vehicles


Companies like Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Renault, GM already have some great electric cars in their portfolio, but these cars are new in the market and they are expensive. Some of them are taking mobility to the next level, fundamentally changing the expectations consumers have about how they interact with their cars.

EVs are more than just cars. They are full of cool technologies.

Smartphone on wheels


Today's and upcoming EVs will be equipped with powerful computers and sensors that allow for all kinds of new features and safety measures. You will be able to control functions of your car from your phone, check its status, let it pick you up, auto-park or pull out of a tight parking spot for you - or even let it just drive autonomously. On top of that, these cars will be much safer than any of today's convential ICE cars.

And electric cars are fun to drive. Given all that, who wouldn't want to have that cool new car of the future that is kind of like the new iPhone?



There is a caveat, though. Cars are not smartphones. They cost more. Much more. As much as you would love to buy that new Tesla or any other new car for that matter, these cars are really not cheap. And with some little extras that you wouldn't want to miss in your new car you will easily reach a price level that might not be affordable for you - at least if you don't want to blow all your life savings on an electric car.

So what can you do to get that new great car, your own, personal car that you can relate to, while significantly reduce the price you have to pay for that car?



If you don't require to have exclusive access to your car on a 24/7 basis, then we believe my-ev-ride might just be the right solution for you. my-ev-ride will let you find and get in contact with people near you to co-own and share your car with in an automated platform-based approach that is fair and simple to use while giving you the highest level of flexibility.

We call it Platform-based Co-Owning.

Read how it works



Electric vehicles are cleaner, safer and more sustainable than conventional cars. Even though the concept of co-owning is not only applicable to electric vehicles, we want to promote the idea of cleaner transportation and use the current market momentum to make new electric cars affordable to a broader range of customers.


With platform-based co-owning, we take car-sharing to a different level. A level that allows you to have your own car that you can relate to and that is available for you whenever you need it while still giving you the chance to significantly reduce the costs.


Sharing your car with other people without the support of a co-owning platform can induce all sorts of problems. Who is getting the car on Saturday? Who pays the insurance rates? What happens if there is an accident? How is car depreciation split in a fair way among owners? All these things are taken care of by the platform in a transparent and simple way.

How it works

Step 1: Dream

What would your favorite car look like? Go to the various manufacturer websites and configure the car of your dreams, with all the extras you like. If you like you may note down a description of your car and its features along with its total projected price.

Step 2: Explore

Visit and check whether a car similar to your dream EV is already there for you at your location or in close range. If not, just define the car of your dreams at your location for others to see and find on the platform. Specify whether it is one, two, three or more other people you want to share the car with, according to your needs. Note that the co-owning price is split equally among all co-owners so the level of identification is the same for all.

Step 3: Socialize

Get in contact with people for your co-ownership, either through the platform, or directly with people in your family, your neighborhood, your apartment building - anyone you would want to share your car with. Talk to each other and see if your needs and desires match.

Step 4: Engage

If you have found potential buyers for your car, let them get engaged by requesting the co-ownerships for the car on As soon as the number of requested co-ownerships matches the desired number of owners, my-ev-ride will provide you with a tailored template for a Joint Purchase and Co-Ownership Agreement, using the platform's unique sharing arrangements. Note that these legal agreements will vary depending on your country and state of residence.

Step 5: Sign & Buy

Straighten out the final details and if everything is sorted out, sign the agreements. Go and purchase the car based on the Joint Purchase Agreement - in the first phase of the platform you won't be able to buy and insure your vehicle on the platform itself, but this may change in the future.

Step 6: Share

The sharing arrangements include sophisticated clauses for car value depreciation over time, by kilometer/mile and due to accidents, handling of operational costs such as insurances, electricity and car reservation and sharing rules. All rules are enforced through easy-to-use procedures provided by the platform's web and mobile app frontends. These include, for instance, reservation and mileage control, damage allocation and clauses for breach of contract.

Step 7: Drive

Now using your car is just one tap away. Just grab your smartphone, hit the reserve button, select a time window and off you go. Need to reserve the car for the next weekend? No problem, just make sure you reserve ahead of time.

Note, however, that each owner can only reserve one future time slot without an explicit approval by the other owners - provided that the slot is still free. If an owner wants to reserve multiple future time slots, the other owners are requested for approval for those additional slots. This way everybody gets a fair chance to reserve the car for an ad-hoc or for one future time slot without approval, while still allowing for early reservation of, say, those two weeks in the summer holidays you want to go on vacation. The maximum reservation time for one reservation can also be limited - and, the time-based car depreciation for the reservation period will be fully charged to the owner who holds the reservation, thus limiting excessive reservations by single owners.

Step 8: Control

Check you current car value, the current splitting of that value among owners, current costs, time and kilometer usages etc. all within your my-ev-ride app or in the web frontend. Co-owing and sharing a car has never been easier.